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Should I Buy in Tarneit or Truganina? The Pros and Cons.

Tarneit or Truganina

When choosing somewhere to live there are a lot of things to consider, and the greater Melbourne region has many to look for. The City of Wyndham has a lot to recommend, and two of the popular areas are Tarneit and Truganina. As one of the fastest growing areas in greater Melbourne, Wyndham is a fantastic place to live, and both Tarneit and Truganina offer the same. 

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Buying a home in Tarneit or Truganina is great value right now, as the area has not yet suffered from the rapid price inflation other areas of Victoria have seen. As a raft of new build housing has been and continues to be created, there are options for most budgets, and with excellent schooling throughout the area, families certainly have a lot to like about living in Truganina or Tarneit. 

Tarneit Central
Tarneit Central Shopping Centre

As both areas are expected to continue to grow rapidly, with new land being freed for development, housing in Tarneit or Truganina may prove to be a good investment too. While the future is never certain, as well-placed suburbs within easy reach of the Central Business District, the faster these areas grow the more popular and desirable they become, and with that, we will very likely see house prices rise to match other desirable areas around Melbourne too. 

Townhouses in Truganina

But creating a home is about more than just house prices and property investments, although they are always important. As mentioned, both areas have excellent schools and are well placed for easy travel to the CBD, great as a commuter zone. Both also have excellent shopping facilities too, and with parks and other outdoor spaces, give anyone living in Tarneit or Truganina plenty of opportunities to enjoy an outdoor life when they want. 

Dohertys House
Historical Dohertys House in Tarneit. Click image to learn more.

Truganina was also once home to Western United FC, the current A-League champions, before they moved to the elite training centre in Essendon. In the future they do plan on playing all home games at a proposed all-new Wyndham City Stadium in Tarneit when they move into the Tarneit elite training facility once construction is complete for the 2023/24 season. As fast-growing neighbourhoods, they have everything that you may want to make a home and raise a family.

Dinosaur Park
The Dinosaur Park in Truganina.


Nothing is perfect of course, and both Truganina and Tarneit do have some issues. The biggest for both is traffic, which can be a nightmare, especially at peak commute times, making it difficult to get around, with even short journeys taking far longer than you think. As with most fast-growing areas, the continued influx of new people also means that in many places, especially new housing builds, there is not the sense of community that many established housing areas tend to have, although that could develop over time.  

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