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Should I Live in Werribee or Hoppers Crossing? The Pros and Cons.

Werribee or Hoppers

Have you ever wondered about whether a move to Hoppers Crossing or Werribee might work for you? Both destinations are highly rated among their respective communities.

But it’s not always clear which of the two could best suite your needs. With this thought in mind, we have outlined some of the key things you should know about whether a move to Hoppers Crossing or Werribee could work for you. 

What are the Benefits of Hoppers Crossing?  

If you’re looking to move somewhere that has good access routes and plenty of things to do, Hoppers Crossing might be a good option. Though it’s only a relatively small community, there are numerous opportunities in the area, and the suburb has excellent connections to numerous shopping destinations to both the North and the South, including its very own shopping strip on Old Geelong Road. 

Hoppers Crossing is also home to the Encore Events Centre.

With several highly unique sights and activities, it’s no surprise that Hoppers Crossing is a much-loved destination for families; however, the town is also packed with local amenities, such as spas, shops, and even a micro-brewery. As such, there’s definitely enough going on to make any visit interesting. 

What are the Benefits of Werribee?  

Just bordering Hoppers Crossing, there’s no doubt that Werribee is a breathtaking town, and one that many love for its truly iconic, picturesque sights and landmarks. It is well known for its excellent shopping opportunities, which are definitely handy for the locals. 

There are various landmarks throughout Werribee, including these gigantic emu feet.

 Moreover, Werribee tends to be slightly lower in terms of crime rates than is the average in Victoria, which can definitely give local residents peace of mind at night. It’s also incredibly well served by primary schools, although the number of premises for secondary education in Werribee is a little more lacking overall comparatively. 

Which is Better?  

Both Hoppers Crossing and Werribee are highly popular suburbs for family life. They are also considered very safe suburbs to live in, although walking alone at night in either is still strongly recommended against. However, the route into Hoppers Crossing is typically very busy, so if you need to commute regularly, a move to Werribee might be more of an option. 

However, there’s a lot more to do for families in Hoppers Crossing compared to Werribee, which is worth considering as part of your decision. With that being said, Werribee is a more practical destination for working families, in many cases. 

In the end, the differences between Werribee and Hoppers Crossing are marginal. As such, it really comes down to where you find your dream home!