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Significant Traffic Changes in Harpley Estate as Bulban Road Realignment Begins

Bulban Road closure

Residents Express Mixed Reactions to Permanent Road Closure and New Access Route

Starting Monday, June 19, significant changes will affect traffic in the Harpley Estate area of Werribee.

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Bulban Road will be realigned to make way for the construction of the Ison Road Overpass by Major Road Projects Victoria.

A section of Bulban Road, from the Galvin Road roundabout, will permanently close. This closure extends from Galvin Road/Browns Road in the east to Windmill Road in the west.

On-road traffic will no longer have access to this stretch of Bulban Road.

Simultaneously, Windmill Road will open, providing an alternate route towards Little River.

To accommodate the road closure, on-road traffic will be redirected to the newly realigned section of Bulban Road, west of Ison Road.

This realigned portion will serve as the main entrance and exit for Harpley Estate.

The realignment aims to improve traffic flow and safety in the area while the Ison Road Overpass is under construction.

Bulban Road closure map

The recent announcement regarding the realignment and closure of Bulban Road in the Harpley Estate area has sparked mixed reactions among residents, with some expressing frustration and concerns about the impact on traffic flow.

Rory, a local resident, sarcastically remarked, “Hmmmmm, how can we simplify a straight road? I know, let’s throw in a heap of turns and intersections. That should make traffic flow.” His comment suggests skepticism about the necessity of altering the road’s layout.

Another resident, Jess, expressed disappointment, stating, “That’s fantastic – a PERMANENT closure of another road out of Werribee. Let’s just block the Harpley Estate with more traffic, shall we.” Jess’s comment reflects concerns about the potential increase in congestion and limited access to the surrounding area.

Some locals believe that the focus should be on fixing existing road issues rather than implementing changes that may cause further delays. One resident stated, “Seems to me like just more wasted money on not actually fixing the roads and just causing more delays for people to get where they need to be.”

This sentiment highlights a perception that the realignment may not address the underlying problems and could exacerbate traffic issues.

Residents also expressed concerns about existing traffic congestion during peak hours, anticipating that the changes could worsen the situation.

One resident succinctly put it, “The roads are backed up enough already in peak hours; let’s just back them up more!!!”

These comments highlight the frustration and skepticism of some locals regarding the Bulban Road changes. It is evident that concerns about traffic flow, access, and the effectiveness of the realignment project exist within the community.

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