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Silent No More: Electric Vehicles Will Soon Make Noise to Safeguard Pedestrians

Electric Vehicles to make sound

Pedestrians will soon benefit from enhanced safety measures for quieter vehicles like electric cars, trucks, and buses when they travel at low speeds. A new design rule will require these vehicles to be equipped with Acoustic Vehicle Alerting Systems (AVAS) from November 2025. AVAS is a safety feature that emits sounds at low speeds to alert pedestrians, addressing concerns that quieter vehicles are less noticeable, increasing collision risks, especially for those who are blind or have poor vision.

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The importance of this sound system has been acknowledged following consultations that involved various community groups and manufacturers. The implementation of this system is anticipated to prevent approximately 68 fatalities, 2,675 serious injuries, and 2,962 minor injuries by 2060, providing a projected community saving of $208 million.

The rule will ensure that vehicles equipped with AVAS will not exceed the noise levels of traditional petrol or diesel vehicles. This move aligns Australia with other nations like the European Union, United Kingdom, Japan, Korea, and the United States, where similar regulations are already in place.

Vision Australia has been a vocal supporter of this initiative, highlighting the significant impact it will have on the safety and confidence of pedestrians, particularly those who are blind or have low vision. This technology is seen as a crucial step towards creating safer public spaces for all pedestrians. For more detailed information, visit the official legislation website.

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