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Slow Down Around Schools Urged as Kids Return Next Week.

School Crossing Ahead Sign

Reduced speed zones are in place around schools between 8am-9:30am and in the afternoons between 2:30pm-4pm. These busy periods require additional caution to keep kids safe as traffic can become congested and drivers need to observe safe parking and traffic flows around schools.

Wyndham City’s Community Safety portfolio holder Cr Susan McIntyre said safety around schools was the responsibility of all road users in Wyndham.

“We all have a duty of care to ensure we drive safely near and around schools – this may mean we have to slow down a little and be courteous to other drivers,” Cr McIntyre said.

“A little patience can go a long way to keeping families safe. At the same time, it is important to teach children to walk to school and cross the road safely.”

“This includes teaching them to stay on the footpath when walking to school, crossing at the supervised school crossing and to be aware of their surroundings – for instance if you drive your child to school, develop the habit of using the kerbside doors away from traffic to exit the vehicle.”

Cr McIntyre added that parking restriction signs needed to be obeyed, and it was the driver’s responsibility to park in a safe and legal manner to avoid a fine.

“Don’t forget to allow extra time if you are a parent or carer dropping kids off at school and remember that double parking, stopping in a no-parking zone, parking on nature strips is illegal.”

“We wish our learners a safe return to school and an enjoyable Term three.”