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Smoke Advisory for Wyndham

Large fire near Truganina

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Wyndham Area Undergoing Controlled Burning: Authorities Urge Caution

Residents in the vicinity of Wyndham are being alerted to the presence of smoke as a result of a planned burn being carried out by Forest Fire Management Victoria (FFMVic) and the Country Fire Authority (CFA). The operation, known as the RAVENHALL – MIDDLE RD burn, is currently underway approximately 3 kilometers south of Ravenhall.

The burn, which involves both small grassland areas and potentially larger forested sections, could take from a few hours to several days to complete, depending on its size. Flames and smoke are expected to be visible as crews meticulously manage the burn within controlled lines, ensuring its spread remains contained.

Authorities warn that the burn may produce embers, leading to short-range spotting, but rest assured, patrols are in place to monitor and manage any such occurrences. Some burns may be executed in stages, meaning areas may be revisited by crews for further burning activities, with the community to be notified of any subsequent actions.

Health and Safety Precautions

With the potential for heavy smoke production, residents are advised to consider their health and safety. Smoke has the capacity to travel significant distances and may settle in low-lying areas, particularly overnight. Individuals are encouraged to limit outdoor activities, stay indoors with windows and doors closed, and seek medical advice if smoke exposure results in health issues. The Department of Health and Human Services recommends contacting NURSE-ON-CALL (1300 60 60 24) for any smoke-related health concerns.

Smoke near Wyndham

Impact on Road Travel and Access

Visibility on roads may be affected by the smoke, and local road usage by fire-fighting and support crews will increase. Motorists are urged to heed road signs and follow directions from fire agency and traffic management personnel. For updates on travel conditions and roadworks, the community can consult the VicRoads traffic website.

Restricted Area Access

With planned burns scheduled, the public is advised to stay informed about burning activities in their area or in places they plan to visit by checking the plannedburns.ffm.vic.gov.au website. Access to areas undergoing burns, including parks, reserves, and roadsides, will be restricted for safety reasons before, during, and after the operations until they are deemed safe.

The community’s understanding and cooperation are essential as these controlled burns are vital for reducing bushfire risk and protecting lives and property. Access will be restored and the public will be notified when it is safe to return to these areas.

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