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Snap Send Solve App: All the Fun of Reporting Illegal Parking Without the Satisfaction of a Fine!

Illegal parking in wyndham

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Residents of Wyndham using the Snap Send Solve app often use it to report illegal parking. But did you know that even though the app offers the option of reporting illegal parking with a photo for evidence, Wyndham City Council requires an offence to be observed by an Authorised Officer before any infringements are issued.

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 This has led to confusion among residents who believe providing a photo of the car and its registration plate will result in a fine for illegal parking.

However, infringements are only issued when Authorised Officers have verified evidence to prove an offence has occurred and can be presented in Court if necessary.

Photographs provided by members of the public are not able to be authenticated or verified by the Officer and, therefore, cannot be used as evidence to prove an offence occurred. These photographs are often used for intelligence purposes.

So, is there any point in providing a photograph of the offence? A Wyndham City Spokesperson said,If an offender is repeatedly parking illegally in the same area and officers have not been able to capture the required evidence in person, a warning letter may be sent to the registered vehicle owner.

Community members are encouraged to send photos with their reports to help officers identify offending vehicles in order to more clearly demonstrate what their report is about, and for intelligence purposes.

Photographs are not required when reporting illegal parking. Community members can report illegal parking by calling 1300 023 411, visiting Wyndham.vic.gov.au, or emailing mail@wyndham.vic.gov.au, but remember, you won’t get the satisfaction of knowing the offender was issued with a fine.

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