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SPOTTED! Werribee Celebrity Jerry the Giraffe— He’s No Tall Tale!

Jerry at night

Werribee is galloping with glee over its newest resident, Jerry the Giraffe who has been seen galloping around town, leaving locals in a ‘neck and neck’ race to find out where he will turn up next!”

At 2.5m tall, made out of a 44gallon drum, and spotted near main roads, parks and even the Werribee Zoo, it‘s no wonder Jerry has been turning heads and tickling the locals fancy.

It‘s still a mystery who crafted this majestic creature, but the person behind Jerry‘s Instagram account has been delighted with the positive reaction from the people around Werribee.

We wanted to make a few people smile, but the response has been surprising!” they said.It‘s great to see everyone getting a good chuckle out of it. It seems like Werribee‘s newest resident is here to stay and that‘s no tall tale!

You can follow Jerry on Instagram @jerrygiraf

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