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Station Parking Fines Spark Outrage: “Woke” Spending Slammed

Parking at Tarneit Station

Residents Slam "Woke" Projects as Parking Enforcement Set to Begin Near Train Stations, Highlighting Inadequate Infrastructure and Government Mismanagement

Wyndham City recently launched regular patrols by parking officers around the Wyndham Vale and Tarneit train stations, sparking public uproar. While V/Line determines parking restrictions and installs signs, Wyndham City’s officers will begin actively enforcing these regulations as the initial grace period of two weeks is almost over.

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Temporary signs have been erected by Wyndham City and V/Line to notify commuters of the recent enforcement. With the grace period nearing its end, full enforcement at these V/Line locations will commence early next month and is expected to be fully operational before the end of June.

These patrols were initiated by V/Line following the formal gazetting of the stations by the State Government. Amanda Smith, Wyndham City’s Director of City Operations, highlighted the necessity of these measures, stating, “Our priority is to ensure parking around the Wyndham Vale and Tarneit train stations is orderly and accessible and by enforcing these regulations, we aim to enhance the commuting experience for everyone. Our aim is not just to enforce the rules but to educate the public and promote long-term compliance.”

However, residents are expressing frustration over what they see as misplaced priorities. One resident, Kathleen voiced her concerns, stating, “Unless we have multi-level carparks at Werribee, Hoppers, and Tarneit stations, there will never be enough spots for people that have to commute to work from our suburbs. All levels of government are playing catch-up rather than equipping us for the future.”

Parking enforcement will also extend to public roads around the train stations, targeting violations such as parking too close to intersections and solid white lines, vehicles parked facing the wrong direction, double parking, stopping in no-standing zones, and parking on nature strips. Local resident Muhammad criticized the situation, saying, “50 parking spots for 50,000 commuters. And then the government wants extortion money for parking.”

The suburb’s rapid growth has added to the frustration, with many feeling that council funds are being spent on what they call “woke” projects, while essential infrastructure struggles to keep up. Anthony added, “Hahaha Wyndham council and state government planning at its finest. Keep cramming more people into the western suburbs but won’t provide adequate parking or public transport services for the booming population.” The financial implications of these measures have not gone unnoticed, with some suggesting that delays in trains and congestion at Southern Cross Station might further increase council revenue from parking fines.

Community members can report illegal parking by calling 1300 023 411, visiting Wyndham.vic.gov.au, or emailing mail@wyndham.vic.gov.au.

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