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Strong Smell of Gas Affecting Wyndham Suburbs.

Western treatment plant

Emergency services have been called several times today, 7th of September, by residents complaining of a ‘strong smell of gas’.

Earlier today a call came from Werribee South, near Wyndham Harbour, and at least three people had evacuated their home due to the smell. Some people complaining of headaches and lightheadedness as well.

Emergency services arrived and ascertained that the smell was coming from the area but appeared to be organic in nature.

Around 2pm today, approximately 12 people were also evacuated from the Point Cook RAAF Base thinking that a heater may have been leaking gas.

Emergency services arrived at the base to investigate and found that the smell was also organic in nature and coming from the area.

A further two calls came through from Point Cook addresses between around 2.45pm and 3.00 pm, and again, the smell was coming from the area.

The EPA has been notified of the incidents but as yet has not provided any updates.

It is unclear where the smell is coming from at this stage, but the Werribee treatment plant, dredging at the Werribee South beach and sometimes rotting seaweed have been responsible in the past for the strong smells in the area.

Many calls came through later in the afternoon for the Werribee area.

You can report odour pollution by calling the EPA’s 24-hour pollution hotline on 1300 372 842.  


Dredging has also been known to cause smells in the area.

Wyndham Council have advised that dredging would take place around this time but no dredging activity was sighted at Werribee South this afternoon.

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