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Tarneit Embraces Clean Energy with Solar-Powered Battery System

Tarneit Community Batteries scaled

Today, Tarneit celebrated the arrival of its first neighbourhood battery, which will store solar energy for the local community to use. Powercor installed the 120kW (or 360kWh) battery, which will benefit around 170 customers.

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Neighbourhood batteries are large, often the size of an electric car, and they collect the energy created by the sun during the day, so that it can be used by people in the evening. Such batteries are important for spreading the usage of solar energy more evenly.

In Tarneit and other Wyndham City suburbs, the use of solar energy is at a high level on the Powercor network. Wyndham City Mayor, Cr Susan McIntyre, said:This battery will take the strain off individual households, enabling more people to use renewable energy for a sustainable future.

Artist 23rd Key was commissioned to paint a mural on the battery and a nearby transformer. The artwork incorporates flora, animals and wildlife, showing the potential for renewables to protect our natural environment. Wyndham City Council was pleased to provide a best practice process and curatorial support for the commission.

The installation of this neighbourhood battery is part of Wyndham City‘s rooftop solar program, one of the largest solar projects in Australia. It will help make Wyndham a smart, sustainable and liveable City. Cr Peter Maynard joined the Minister for Energy and Resources, Lily DAmbrosio, the Member for Tarneit, Dylan Wight, and Powercor CEO Tim Rourke at the event.

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