Tarneit Pokies Get the Green Light from VCAT.

VCAT has rejected an attempt to block the construction of a new gaming venue to be built in the heart of Tarneit.

70 Pokies machines will be installed to cater to a maximum of 600 patrons and will be open 7 days a week from 8.00am until 2.00am the following day.

An artist’s impression of the venue.

The two storey building will contain a foyer/reception, bistro, sports bar, café, gaming room and back of house/amenities at ground floor, and three function rooms, office/meeting rooms and kitchen/store/amenities at first floor level. 

The site of the venue.

The planning permit application is granted and directed to be issued for the land at 620 Leakes Road, Tarneit.

The decision was made despite the Victorian Planning Authority supporting Wyndham City’s rejection of the planning permit.

Cr. Josh Gilligan took to social media today to say, “Our planning system has failed Wyndham yet again. School land for housing, taxpayer compo to developers for wider roads, industrial estates turned into sporting venues and now VCAT moving to approve 70 pokie machines next to a train station and shopping centre.”