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Tarneit’s NBN Outage Resolution Expected Tonight

NBN Tarneit

Residents across several estates in Tarneit are on the brink of relief as restoration of NBN services is anticipated in the coming hours, following a prolonged outage that has persisted since last Friday.


In an update received today, an NBN spokesperson addressed the situation, attributing the outage to an unplanned disruption affecting approximately 1,650 premises in Tarneit.

“We expect customers’ services to be restored around 7 p.m. tonight (26 February),” the spokesperson stated. “Our technicians have been working throughout the weekend to restore services as quickly as possible. The repair work is complex, including replacing fiber optic cable across a bridge, which is damaged in multiple sections.”

The spokesperson highlighted the challenges posed by the repair work, noting that it could only be completed during daylight hours due to residential zoning restrictions prohibiting nighttime work because of excess noise.

“We are keeping our retail partners up to date with progress and also encourage people to check the NBN outages page for the latest information,” the spokesperson added.

Expressing empathy for the inconvenience caused by the unplanned outage, the spokesperson apologized to affected residents.

The update brings hope to residents who have faced days of disrupted connectivity, unable to work remotely or access essential online services.

As the community awaits the anticipated restoration of services, attention remains focused on the ongoing efforts to resolve the connectivity crisis across multiple estates in Tarneit.

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