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Teen Jailed Four Years Over Stabbing Death.

Stabbing death eagles stadium

Image: Wyndham TV


A boy has been sentenced to four years in youth detention for stabbing a 17-year-old to death at Eagle Stadium in Werribee.

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During the incident in May 2021, the boy, now 16, ambushed Bless Mulukwat Akoch.

The then 15-year-old student kicked Bless in the head over what was referred to as a “petty” complaint while sitting in a corridor.

Image: Wyndham TV

His 17-year-old victim stood up to confront him and the boy stabbed him in the stomach, piercing his bowel and heart. 

The younger boy, who cannot be named due to his age, then fled, boasting of “no cheap shots” as he sent friends an image of a bloodsoaked knife. Bless was on his way to the hospital when he died.

Image: Wyndham TV

The boy was suspended from school for fighting before the stabbing, according to the court.

The boy was remorseful and apologized to the family of Bless, according to Justice Christopher Beale, who sentenced him to youth detention over adult prison.

He initially faced murder charges but pleaded guilty to manslaughter instead.