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Temporary Cameras Aid Wyndham City’s Transportation Study

Cameras on Princes Highway

Community Engagement and Traffic Data Collection at the Core of Wattle Avenue Precinct Study in Werribee

In an effort to enhance traffic management and improve overall transportation in the Wattle Avenue precinct area, the Department of Transport and Planning has allocated funding for a comprehensive transport study, with Wyndham City taking the lead as the project manager.

According to a spokesperson from Wyndham City, “Wyndham City has embarked on this important initiative to address the growing transportation needs of the Wattle Avenue precinct, which is defined by the Princes Highway and Duncans Road in Werribee.”

To ensure the study’s success, Wyndham City has partnered with O’Brien Traffic Consulting, a renowned expert in the field, to gather essential traffic data. This data will be instrumental in developing a deeper understanding of traffic patterns in and around the precinct.

Temporary cameras have been strategically placed on selected roads to capture this critical traffic information. The cameras, however, are designed solely for the purpose of counting vehicle movements and studying general traffic patterns. They do not collect any information related to individual vehicles, nor do they capture personal details or faces of commuters according to a Wyndham City Spokesperson.

In addition to data collected from these cameras, the transport study also incorporates a community engagement phase. Wyndham City is eager to involve local residents in the decision-making process and will be seeking their valuable feedback. To facilitate this, workshops are expected to be scheduled in the upcoming months, allowing residents to share their insights and concerns.

The complete transport study is anticipated to span approximately six months, during which Wyndham City will work diligently to compile the necessary data, engage with the community, and formulate recommendations that will contribute to the future transportation improvements in the Wattle Avenue precinct of Werribee.

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