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Temporary Solution to Manage Congestion at Point Cook and Sneydes Roads.

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Currently, drivers are waiting long periods to turn right onto Point Cook Road from Sneydes Road due to large traffic volumes, making it difficult and unsafe for everyone attempting to turn into constantly flowing traffic. This also causes traffic to bank up and creates congestion during peak hour.

Point Cook Road has approximately 32,000 vehicles travel on it each day and Sneydes Road has approximately 11,000.

Over the five-year period to 30 June 2020, there were four major accidents recorded at this intersection, with one of those accidents resulting in serious injuries. As well as the recorded accidents, there have been numerous near misses at the intersection. 

Advisory P turn 

Prior to construction starting on the intersection upgrade the Department of Transport, with the support of Wyndham City Council, will implement a temporary solution to assist in managing congestion and safety at the intersection during peak times.

Image: VicRoads

An advisory P turn will be introduced in late October 2021. 

P turns are used to reduce the long queues created by motorists waiting to do right turns at an intersection. P turns keep more cars moving more often.  

The advisory P turn signage will be located on Sneydes Road just before the approach to Point Cook Road. This will give motorists an option to make a left turn from Sneydes Road into Point Cook Road and perform a U-turn movement at the Sanctuary Lakes Boulevard roundabout, then head back along Point Cook in the southbound direction. 

This movement will be beneficial especially during the peak periods when turning right from Sneydes Road into Point Cook Road is very challenging. The temporary signage will be in place until construction commences on the important intersection upgrade. 

Source: Vicroads