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Terrifying Home Invasion and Fiery Car Blaze in Werribee

Home invasion Werribee

Detectives from the Wyndham Crime Investigation Unit are thoroughly investigating a severe home invasion and a related car arson incident that took place in Werribee on the night of Sunday, March 3.


The event unfolded when, at approximately 11:50 p.m., six male perpetrators forcibly entered a home located on Powlett Street. Within the premises, three residents were confronted and threatened with weapons.

Amidst this confrontation, one individual was assaulted, suffering from injuries deemed serious yet not life-threatening, and subsequently, he required no hospitalization. Following their departure from the home, the perpetrators set ablaze a car parked outside before fleeing the scene in another vehicle.

Police officers are diligently working to piece together the precise details surrounding this alarming incident, with investigations currently active and ongoing.

The police are appealing to the community for any information related to this case, urging anyone with insights to reach out to Crime Stoppers by dialing 1800 333 000 or by visiting the website at www.crimestoppersvic.com.au.

The input from the public could be crucial in advancing the investigation and bringing the offenders to justice.

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