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Terrifying Road Rage Incident

Road Rage incident

A local woman shares her chilling experience of encountering a dangerous road rager.

In her debut post within an online community group, a local woman decided to share a chilling experience to raise awareness about a concerning individual in their area. The woman expressed her deep concern for the safety of others encountering this aggressive driver.

The incident unfolded as she was driving home after picking up her two younger brothers from school. The peaceful ride took a terrifying turn when they encountered an allegedly highly irate VW driver, shockingly with a child in the car.

The situation rapidly escalated when the woman allegedly merged in front of the angry driver. In response, he began tailgating, recklessly swerving into turning and parking lanes, and ultimately launched a metal bottle at their car. Fearing for the safety of her brothers, the woman exercised utmost caution.

However, the danger reached a critical point at the traffic lights on Leakes Road in Tarneit, where they were turning into Bunnings. The aggressive VW driver emerged from his car and unleashed his fury on the passenger window, where the woman’s 16-year-old brother was seated. The situation was terrifying, leaving the siblings vulnerable and scared.


The aggressive driver didn’t stop there. He proceeded to kick the driver’s door, even attempting to rip the handle off while continuing to harass the woman and her younger brothers. It was an appalling and traumatic experience for all involved.

Amidst the chaos, a compassionate woman driving a silver Holden noticed their distress and pulled over to help. The kind-hearted stranger provided comfort and support to the shaken family while they contacted the police for assistance.

Nevertheless, the woman’s primary aim in sharing this story was to caution the community about the dangerous individual. His propensity for road rage and aggressive behaviour poses a significant threat to the safety of others on the road. She urged everyone to exercise vigilance and be on the lookout for this individual, as well as anyone else who might resort to such dangerous behaviour.

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