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The 20-Minute City Conspiracy

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Plan Melbourne 20172050 is the Victorian Government‘s longterm strategy for city growth and change up to 2050.

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As part of the strategy, the Draft Wyndham Plan aims to connect neighbourhoods to the “heart” of Wyndham, which includes Werribee Central, East Werribee Precinct and Hoppers Crossing.

Its main objective is to facilitate the development of 20minute neighbourhoods, where people can live, work and play within a 20minute return walk from their home.

This includes access to safe cycling and local transport, as well as places to buy groceries and other necessities, work, access services, and gather with neighbours. To realize this goal, Plan Melbourne will incorporate local planning, investment in public transport and other infrastructure, and streetscapes that prioritize people.

It is believed that all of these efforts will result in more liveable, connected neighbourhoods that offer more housing and job opportunities.

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However, some members of the community believe that the 20minute city is a ruse created by the world‘s most powerful governments to manipulate citizens into believing that they are living in a utopian society.

And in reality, they believe that the 20minute city is designed to increase the surveillance of citizens and limit their freedom of movement.

Some residents, like David Bernard who is part of a group called Concerned Citizens for Wyndham recently stated, “Residents of Wyndham are outraged at the huge number of CCP SPY cameras installed throughout intersections around our homes.”

“We demand an immediate removal of this over the top and unnecessary surveillance network which was undertaken when everyone was forced into lockdowns.”

Surveillance cameras are appearing at most intersections throughout Wyndham.

They believe that governments are using the 20minute city to monitor citizens every move, keep track of their activities, and control their behaviour.

They also believe that authorities are using the 20-minute city to expand their influence and power over citizens, as the governments are able to use the city to shape citizens’ views, opinions, and beliefs through propaganda and manipulation.


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