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The Benefits of Living in Wyndham’s Multi-Cultural Society.

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Wyndham is a diverse, multi-cultural community, and that is something that many of us take for granted. Yet it is something quite new really, and we should be proud of the society that Wyndham has created.  

We all benefit from this in several ways, not just from the enriching experience of learning about other cultures, the sense of community and togetherness, but from the variety of events and other fun things that happen all year round in the city. 

One of the best summer events for this is the Wyndham Learning Festival. Lots of things go on here, and if you want to experience other cultures there are some fantastic things to try. The Wyndham Multicultural Sports Expo is a highlight of the festival, where you can see, and take part in a variety of sports including Cane Ball, Volleyball, Walking Football and Touch Rugby. With a barbeque to sample too, it’s a great experience and a way to learn more about the diversity of sports in the area. 


This year saw the LIT event, with prominent local artists and others creating light-based art and effects that delighted all who saw it. Bringing different styles and visions from various cultures, it was an incredibly successful event and one that really brought everyone together. 

One event for all the family is Children’s Week, an October staple of the event diary, where kids can enjoy fun and adventure with shows, learning experiences and more that let children experience a range of cultures as they have fun. But the biggest event of the year is always Australia Day, and in Wyndham, it has become a tradition to explore Australia Day in a way that reflects the various cultures that make up our magnificent community. 

Australia Day this year included a diverse range of local talent, from Bollywood dancers to Hip Hop artists, African Drumming and Chinese lion dances, along with singer-songwriters expressing their own take on what it means to be Australian in the 21st century. It was a great way to show what Wyndham is all about, and why our community and its diversity are so special and rewarding for all of us. Having fun together, being Australians in the best way we can be, as ourselves, is everything that Australia Day should be, and everything that makes Wyndham such a great place to live. 

Next year it will be bigger and better than ever. 

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