The Candidate for a Healthier Wyndham.

25% of people living in Wyndham are obese, compared to 19% in Victoria.

Additionally, only 35% of Wyndham adults are getting the recommended amount of physical activity per week, compared to 41% statewide.

However, the Wyndham Council area currently has only 13 outdoor exercise equipment stations for a population of approximately 270,487 people. This means that there is only one fitness station for every 20,806 people. By comparison, Hobsons Bay Council has an outdoor exercise equipment area for every 12,218 people. In Glein Eira Council, this figure is 14,087.

Given Wyndham is one of the largest and fastest growing council areas in Australia, this is not good enough.

Outdoor fitness equipment plays a vital role in our community, enabling all residents, especially those who have financial constraints, to be able to improve their personal fitness and mental wellbeing.

Evidence shows that outdoor exercise stations improve mental health, socialisation and creates a sense of community. Outdoor physical activity has been proven to relieve tension, anger, depression, and to improve self-esteem (Barton et al. 2009) as well as create greater feelings of revitalisation and positive engagement (Galdwell et al. 2013).

With preventable diseases like diabetes and obesity placing a burden on our healthcare system, it is important to increase participation in physical activity through constructing new outdoor exercise equipment stations.

Council needs someone who isn’t afraid to talk about these issues and fight for our community’s health and wellbeing. Together, we can build a healthier and more vibrant Wyndham for everyone.

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