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The Point Cook Tree That Cost $17,875

Point Cook Tree scaled

On Thursday 10th of November, traffic control was managing traffic at the Boardwalk Boulevard and The Strand roundabout in Point Cook as a crane assisted with the installation of an established Magnolia Grandiflora tree.

The established 1000 litre Magnolia Grandiflora, or “Exmouth” tree that was planted on Boardwalk Boulevard and The Strand roundabout, was part of landscape upgrade works that forms part of Council’s landscape renewal program.

The total cost of the installation was $17,875 which included soil tests, traffic management, excavation, ground preparation, crane hire, supply, delivery and installation.

When asked what they thought of the spend, one local resident said, “What is it? A money tree? Council spend a lot of money on silly things don’t they!”

Another resident simply said, “Why not!?”

A large crane and traffic management formed part of the cost.

Wyndham City Director, City Operations, Stephen Thorpe said, “This tree will be a great landmark for years to come.”

  The installation forms part of a broader piece of work being undertaken by Wyndham City along Dunnings Road and Boardwalk Boulevard.

Wyndham City has removed plants approaching their end of life and planted over 6,800 new plants, as well as supplied and installed 510 m3 of mulch and 360 m3 of granitic sand over the cooler months.

 “This project is being undertaken due to the ageing landscape of the centre medians along Dunnings Road and Boardwalk Boulevard and has been conducted in a staged approach to not disrupt traffic flow through the Point Cook area.”, Mr. Thorpe said.