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Thieves and Vandals Grinching Christmas for Some Wyndham Residents.

Solar santa stolen

Thieves and vandals have been working hard to destroy Christmas for many families that work hard to spread joy through amazing Christmas decorations.

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Several families in Point Cook have found inflatable decorations including Santas, Unicorns, and signs  had been slashed while some had their Christmas lights broken and left unusable.


The ‘Merry Christmas’ inflatable sign was slashed.

Point Cook resident Elizabeth Burns said that her inflatable Merry Christmas sign had been cut open on the morning of 13th of December , she said,  “We work hard to be able to share some Christmas spirit in our community. Heartbroken that someone could do this. I won’t let you ruin Christmas for us. Another has been purchased.”

These decorations will be coming down this year thanks to vandalism.

Another local, Andrew Simpson, has had enough, saying “Thanks for the people that stole and destroyed our Xmas decorations, will be pulling what is left out today, sorry for the good people, Xmas is over for us”

And still another resident, Carley Mackie, said that their new addition of a solar Santa was stolen. “PLEASE return our Santa. we have been building up our display over the last couple of years, and this Solar powered Santa was new this year. My kids and I can not believe that someone would actually steal something like this.”, she said.

Some residents are pulling their decorations down while others are determined to not let these thieves and vandals ruin Christmas for them.

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