Thirty Four Years Experience in Wyndham.

My name is Ousman Taleb. I am running as a Wyndham City council candidate for the Harrison Ward 2020 council elections. I have lived in Wyndham for over 34 years. I am a father of five children and four grandchildren and the eldest of 10 children.


I have studied property law /Accounting and always held positions in management, mentoring, and administration. I have been previously involved in charity organisations, currently the secretary of TCA charitable association of Australia.

I will pledge to represent you in influencing the change you would like to see in your community. You will definitely see me as your councillor representing your vision and interests to make a better, stronger, and sustainable future.

 I will endeavour to the best of my ability to make sure your voice is heard and your views are taken into account to overall represent the interests of the community in what decisions are made. As an elected candidate I stand to be the linking platform between you and the council. I do care for our community-it is where my family and friends live. The secret is to listen to what the community wants and needs.

My vision will be

  • If elected I will strive to help create more jobs from our local businesses,
  • I will help the elderly and less fortunate with accommodation and services in which their circumstances may require,
  • I will Proactively seek voters input
  • I will strongly be an advocate for seniors, families, and youth
  • If elected I will advocate for better support for families with domestic violence
  • I will Oversee and implement better traffic management due to the increasing traffic congestion  on our roads
  • I will advocate to Improve community facilities, especially in point Cook and Werribee South
  • We need to help our local businesses to thrive again due to loss in this pandemic
  • If elected I will protect and improve community assets and quality of life like libraries, trees, open space, and parks,
  • If elected I will support appropriate affordable housing,
  • If elected I will advocate for a freeze on Rates
  • If elected you will definitely see me being there for our community
  • Yet creating a modern, vibrant future for all I am more committed, passionate, and motivated to serve you

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