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Thousands Attend Anzac Day Dawn Service in Werribee

Anzac dawn service in Werribee

In a solemn display of remembrance and respect, thousands gathered before dawn at the cenotaph in Werribee to mark Anzac Day with a service led by the Returned and Services League (RSL) at 6:30 am. Across Australia and around the globe, Anzac Day ceremonies served as poignant reminders of the nation’s enduring gratitude to those who have donned the military uniform.


General Angus Campbell, Chief of the Defence Force, attended commemorative services in New Zealand, emphasizing the deep significance of Anzac Day to the shared heritage and close bonds between Australia and New Zealand. “Anzac Day is a time to join with our fellow Australians to express our gratitude for the service of more than one and a half million citizens who have served our nation in war, conflict, and peacekeeping and humanitarian operations,” General Campbell remarked.

He continued, “Each year we gather before dawn to remember those who have served in defence of our freedom and carry the Anzac Day story forward.” This sentiment was echoed in ceremonies across the nation as Australians paused to honour the legacy of courage, endurance, mateship, and sacrifice demonstrated by the Anzacs.

Defence senior leaders and personnel supported Anzac Day ceremonies both domestically and internationally, acknowledging the sacrifices made by the Australian Defence Force members and their families. Today, approximately 1,500 members are deployed in operations worldwide, continuing the Anzac tradition of service and commitment to Australia’s national interests.

Reflecting on the Anzac legacy, Australians draw strength from the courage and comradeship demonstrated throughout history. “Lest we forget,” as echoed by General Campbell, resonates as a solemn pledge to never forget the sacrifices made in the past for today’s freedoms.

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