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Thriving Communities Sponsorship Boosts Koori Youth Leadership Program with $75,000

Koori Youth Leadership

Photo: (From left) Western Bulldogs Community Foundation Board Member Aisha Nicolay, Greater Western Water Managing Director Maree Lang and Western Bulldogs Community Foundation General Manager Kashif Bouns.

Greater Western Water (GWW) has initiated a three-year sponsorship to provide funding and assistance to the Western Bulldogs Community Foundation’s Nallei Jerring Koori leadership program.

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This marks the first instance of Strategic Community Sponsorship chosen through Greater Western Water’s Thriving Communities grant and sponsorship program, which finances local initiatives, events, and activities to improve the quality of life in our region. The new sponsorship entails GWW contributing $75,000 over three years to the Foundation as a supporting partner of the Nallei Jerring Program.

The Nallei Jerring program offers a range of activities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals aged 13-15 residing in the western region of Victoria. These activities are specifically designed to enhance their cultural awareness, leadership skills, teamwork, resilience, communication abilities, support networks, and community connections.

Commencing on July 17, the program takes participants through a six-month journey of events, workshops, and speaker presentations. Greater Western Water’s funding will directly assist in covering the program’s operational expenses, including program staff and events.

Maree Lang, Managing Director of GWW, stated that the Western Bulldogs Community Foundation was an ideal recipient for the first Strategic Community Sponsorship. She emphasized that both organizations are dedicated to serving the communities of the western region and ensuring the development of a thriving, healthy, and vibrant place to reside. Lang further expressed the commitment to collaborating respectfully with First Nations people and learning from their leadership, highlighting that partnering with the Nallei Jerring leadership program is a significant step in that direction.

Kashif Bouns, the Western Bulldogs’ General Manager of Community and Government Relations, explained that the program’s objective is to educate, engage, and empower young Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander participants residing in the western region of Victoria. The program aims to foster greater understanding, connection to community, culture, positive self-identity, and leadership skills. Bouns expressed gratitude for Greater Western Water’s support of the Nallei Jerring program, emphasizing that collaboration between organizations is crucial for the West to thrive, and this partnership exemplifies that notion. He further stated that both organizations are committed to improving the lives of community members, and joining forces to provide opportunities for First Nations young people is a source of great excitement.

For more information about GWW’s support for our community’s well-being and their sponsorship of the Nallei Jerring program, please visit www.gww.com.au/grants-sponsorships.

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