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Too Much? A Halloween Hanging Figure Raises Debate in Hoppers Crossing.

Hanging man in Hoppers Crossing

Local Residents Clash Over Eerie Halloween Display, Reflecting Diverse Interpretations of the Spooky Celebration.

Halloween, a holiday that has traditionally been celebrated with gusto in the United States, has been steadily gaining popularity in other parts of the world, including Australia. The Wyndham region, in particular, has witnessed a remarkable surge in Halloween enthusiasm over recent years.


A seemingly innocent Halloween decoration, displayed in a Hoppers Crossing neighbourhood recently, has ignited a heated debate on social media. The image, posted on a local community group yesterday, shows a life-sized figure wrapped in black plastic and suspended from a tree, accompanied by a chalk outline of a body on the footpath. The divisive display has left residents divided, with some finding it disturbing and others applauding its unique take on the event.

The photograph, shared by a concerned local resident, was accompanied by the caption: “I’m all for Halloween fun, but man, this is in bad taste.” The image shows what appears to be a body-shaped form, tightly wrapped in black plastic and suspended from a tree branch. The eerie display has raised questions about whether it crosses the line in terms of Halloween decor.

One resident commented on the post, expressing their concerns, stating, “It’s not just a bag hung out on the tree with a rope; it’s very disturbing to see. That’s not even a Halloween costume to begin with; it’s not normal!!”

Manor Lakes Halloween

On the other hand, some residents defended the display, embracing the darker themes of Halloween. One community member offered a contrasting perspective, stating, “Great taste! It’s Halloween, which is All Hallows Eve, also known as the Day of the Dead. So, umm, this fits so much better than pumpkins, spiders, etc. Beware the hangman’s tree. It reminds us not to only think of our lost loved ones this day but the many lost throughout time. Can’t wait to see what others come up with.”

Halloween, with its roots in ancient traditions like Samhain and the Mexican Dia de los Muertos, has always embraced themes of the afterlife, the macabre, and the supernatural. As a result, it has become a celebration in Wyndham where individuals express themselves through creative and often eerie decorations. The hanging figure, while undeniably unsettling to some, is seen by others as a powerful reminder of the celebrations rich history.

As the debate rages on, it is evident that Halloween continues to be a celebration that elicits strong emotions, with different individuals embracing diverse interpretations of the spirit of the season. What one finds disturbing, another may find thought-provoking, making Halloween a time when neighbours and communities come together to celebrate their unique traditions and perspectives. In the end, the Halloween decorations that grace our streets may continue to evolve, reflecting the evolving nature of this beloved event.

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