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Top Bogan Baby Names for 2022!

Salmon baby name

Forget traditional names and even ‘correct’ spelling of names. Parents around Australia and in Wyndham are coming up with some creative names to say the least.

Kidspot has been providing a list of Australia’s top bogan baby names for several years now and they state that a new trend is emerging where names are made up rather than just misspelt as in previous years.

These Aussie parents made-up names will certainly have you reaching for a tinnie.

Brace yourself, here is this years list of the most bogan names.

Best Bogan Names for Boys

babyboy bogan scaled


Ok, well, it sounds tough at least! It is also the name of a Disney Princess!


Draven is a League of Legends character and also sounds tough as the character is known as The Glorious Executioner. Hopefully not a sign of things to come!


Sounds a little like trying to say Dracula after a few tinnies. Hopefully he can count.


Kash is already super bogan, now this. 


Although a unisex name, would you call your child that? Almost as obnoxious as it sounds.


We can all be a little bias about how good our kids are, but this nice little play on legend is a bit over the top.


Not sure why you bothered with this one, everyone will be calling the kid Max. 


Clearly better than Meow, but only just. I mean who names a kid after an animal sound?


And what’s your name? Oh…it’s Zaiken! What’s Zaiken, your head? I’ll go and grab some panadol.


This one really is on the nose! 

Best Bogan Names for Girls

babygirl bogan scaled


This one might work for you if you’re wanting to become Werribee’s most famous Tik-Tok video producer? Brexleigh from Werribeigh?


Ok, that’s enough! 


I mean what are we trying to say here? Is it June, is it July? Ah, no, it’s a vape brand, that makes sense.


Who wants to be known as something your grandmother throws on before she goes out?


It’s like a New Zealander went to say hello and realised they didn’t know you.


Imagine ending your Christmas cards with this name! May every what??? What?? Finish the sentence!


Well, this one really does take the ccake doesn’t it! Boganing it up by adding an extra ‘C’ where it doesn’t belong.


This is also the name of a psychological rehabilitation service in Sydney. They may need to call them to recover from this.


Well all we can hope for here is that she doesn’t have a sister called Ella!


This one is actually the feminine version of Samuel, believe it or not. This bogan parent is educated.


Well, that’s it for this year. Are you looking forward to some amazing new names next year?

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