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Top Ten Things to do in Wyndham.

Saltwater Crocodile Park

Have you been looking for the best things to do in Wyndham, Victoria? There’s a lot to see and do in this beautiful region; as such, we’ve outlined ten wonderful destinations that could help you enjoy an amazing experience. After all, Wyndham really offers a fascinating travel opportunity, and whether you’re a local resident or just visiting, the following ten options could make for an incredible experience.

Top 10 Things to Do in Wyndham

Looking for amazing things to do in Wyndham? The following ten options might be ideal places to visit and see as part of your time in the area.

  1. Look out for birds: If you love the beauty of nature, it’s well worth looking out for some of Wyndham’s incredible bird species. Thousands of birds migrate to Wyndham annually from around the world, making them a must-see part of any trip.
  2. Discover the Haines Drive Reserve: The Haines Drive Reserve is a stunning destination that’s ideal to visit if you’re looking for sporting activities. Haines Drive Reserve is managed directly by the Wyndham City Council and offers numerous sports facilities for hire, including a rugby pavilion and pitches, a cricket oval, a 3-lane cricket net, a playground, and BBQ options.
  3. Cobbledick’s Ford Streamside Reserve: The rather oddly named Cobbledick’s Ford Streamside Reserve is a breathtaking ford that’s well worth a visit. The ruined farmhouse really adds to the charm.

4. Bike Riding on the Federation Trail: If you love getting out and about, a bike ride on the Federation trail is well worth considering. The trail runs for 24km in total, so there’s enough to satisfy any biking enthusiast.

5. Picnic at the Werribee Mansion: If the weather’s in your favour, be sure to stop by the Werribee Park 19th-century Mansion for a picnic! It’s truly a scenic and amazing place to visit.

6. Cocoroc Historic Township. For a historic visit, be sure to stop by the Cocoroc township, an abandoned village that once housed the workers of the local Werribee Sewage Farm (as it was known at the time).

7. Cheetham Wetlands Observation Tower: Without a doubt, the Cheetham Wetlands Observation Tower is one of the best ways to look out at the incredible local views over the Point Cook wetlands.

8. Point Cooke Marine Sanctuary: For something a little different, visiting the Point Cooke Marine Sanctuary is worthwhile. This amazing sanctuary focuses on marine species and is located directly at the coastline.

9. Saltwater Coast Crocodile Park: For a unique trip, why not visit Saltwater Coast Crocodile Park, an excellent destination for all the family that includes a playboard, barbecue area, café, and boardwalk?

10. Werribee Open Zoo: If you’d like to take a slightly more exotic trip, why not visit the amazing Werribee Open Range Zoo? It’s an amazing zoo that’s especially popular for its safari tours experience.