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Tortured Cats Found in Werribee.

Cats burnt

RSPCA Victoria is calling for information after two stray cats were found in Werribee, covered and burnt by what appears to be hot, industrial-strength glue.

The cats were noticed wandering the neighbourhood, clearly in distress, by a member of the public who reported the incident to RSPCA Victoria.
The resident believes the suspected attack occurred on Wednesday, 14th of October, as she sighted both cats, seemingly in good condition before heading to work that morning.
Upon her return, she noted the cats’ fur appeared wet, and by the next day, shockingly their skin had started to peel away.
One cat has been captured and is receiving veterinary attention at U-Vet Animal Veterinary Hospital, while RSPCA Victoria works with Wyndham City Council to locate the second feline so it can also be examined and provided with urgent veterinary treatment.
Upon veterinary examination, it appears the first cat has suffered severe burns to the left side of its face, the top of its head and along its spine.
U-Vet veterinarians treated the skin lesions, removed the unknown substance and administered pain killers.
The team surmise the cat was doused in hot, industrial-strength glue causing painful skin burns and will require rehabilitation and foster care before it can be rehomed.
RSPCA Victoria Inspectorate Team Leader Karen Collier said that the cat was lucky to be found.
“The cat is lucky that she was spotted by a kind member of the public who took a vested interest in her wellbeing.
She has suffered significant mental and physical pain, but I am pleased to say the vets expect her to make a full recovery. I hope I can say the same once we provide medical attention to the second cat,” says Ms Collier.
“Sadly, we suspect this was intentional cruelty. It’s abhorrent that someone can commit such a callous act toward innocent animals.
As RSPCA Victoria Inspectors, we see the results of animal cruelty on a daily basis.
However, deliberate acts of cruelty are always incredibly distressing and of great concern, which is why we are seeking help from the community.
“RSPCA Victoria’s Inspectorate is working tirelessly to investigate and prosecute the individuals who have committed these offences, but we need those who have information to come forward and make a report.”
RSPCA Victoria relies on the local community to assist in these cases, and even the smallest detail can help. Anyone who has knowledge or information relating to these incidents is encouraged to call 03 9224 2222 or visit rspcavic.org to make a report.