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Toxic Gummies Alert: ‘Uncle Frog’s’ Products Recalled Nationwide

Uncle Frogs Mushroom Gummies

Health Authorities Warn: Severe Illnesses Reported; Immediate Return or Disposal Required

Health authorities have issued an urgent warning against the consumption of ‘Uncle Frog’s Mushroom Gummies’ following numerous reports of illness across Victoria and other Australian regions.

The affected products include:

– Uncle Frog’s Mushroom Gummies – Cordyceps
– Uncle Frog’s Mushroom Gummies – Lion’s Mane

Consumers have been advised to immediately stop using these products, which have been linked to a series of adverse health effects. Reports indicate that individuals have experienced severe symptoms after ingesting even small quantities of these gummies. Investigations are currently underway to determine the specific harmful ingredients.

Effective June 26, 2024, these products have been recalled. Consumers are instructed to return the gummies to the place of purchase for a full refund. Detailed information regarding the recall is available on the Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) website. If the products cannot be returned, they should be disposed of in a manner that ensures they are kept out of reach of children and pets.

Health Risks and Symptoms

Individuals who have consumed ‘Uncle Frog’s Mushroom Gummies’ are at risk. Symptoms reported by affected individuals include:
– Nausea
– Vomiting
– Palpitations
– Dizziness or light-headedness
– Anxiety
– Hallucinations
– Seizure-like activity, including involuntary limb or eye movements
– Drowsiness or reduced consciousness

Anyone experiencing these symptoms after consuming the gummies should seek immediate medical attention.

Public Advisory

For Consumers:
– Do not consume ‘Uncle Frog’s Mushroom Gummies.’
– Return any remaining product to the place of purchase for a refund or dispose of it safely.
– Seek medical care immediately if any unusual or severe symptoms develop after consumption.

For emergency assistance, contact Triple Zero (000) or visit the nearest emergency department. For poison-related inquiries, contact the Victorian Poisons Information Centre at 13 11 26. Additionally, support for alcohol or drug use issues is available through DirectLine at 1800 888 236 or by visiting directline.org.au.

For Healthcare Providers:
– Be vigilant for patients presenting with symptoms after consuming ‘Uncle Frog’s Mushroom Gummies.’
– Report any cases to the Victorian Poisons Information Centre at 13 11 26 for clinical and testing advice.
– Collect comprehensive information about the consumed product, including the name, ingredients, recommended and actual dose taken, and place of purchase. Obtain samples or photographs of the product and packaging if possible.

Health authorities emphasize the importance of this recall to prevent further health risks and ensure public safety.

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