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Tragedy Strikes Werribee as Pedestrian Killed by Train

Person hit by train in Werribee

In a devastating incident earlier this morning, emergency services were summoned to the rail lines in Werribee following a fatal collision involving a V-Line train. The tragic event occurred at approximately 12:15 am 18th Nov, prompting a swift and comprehensive response from multiple emergency units.


The incident unfolded along the rail line adjacent to Showbridge Way, with additional access points established near Black Forest Road to facilitate emergency services’ entry into the railway area. The gravity of the situation led to a temporary cessation of train operations in both directions as authorities worked diligently at the scene.

CFA rescue werribee

Victoria Police, at the forefront of the investigation, confirmed that an individual lost their life after being struck by the V-Line train in Werribee. While the circumstances surrounding the incident are still under investigation, police have stated that there is no indication of suspicious activity at this early stage.

A spokesperson for Victoria Police conveyed that a thorough investigation is underway, and details will be compiled into a comprehensive report for the coroner. The identity of the victim has not been disclosed pending notification of next of kin.

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