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Transforming the Federation Trail: Comissioning Two Public Art Installations

Greening the pipeline on federation trail

Join Wyndham City's Exciting Partnership for Permanent Public Artworks.

Wyndham City is thrilled to announce its collaboration with the Public Art Commission and Greening the Pipeline for the creation of two enduring public art installations along the redeveloped Federation Trail.

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The Federation Trail, stretching over 23 kilometres, offers a shared path for both cyclists and pedestrians, tracing its route along the heritage-listed main outfall sewer in the western suburbs of Melbourne.

The first art commission is currently underway and welcomes submissions from emerging and established artists or artist collectives. This commission aims to showcase a permanent public artwork that delves into the cultural significance of the site. It places a strong emphasis on embracing the First Nations histories of the area through interpretation, interactive elements, storytelling, and a commitment to caring for the land. The second commission, focusing on the East zone of the pipeline, will be launched in the next phase of the project.

The selection process will involve shortlisting, with two Expressions of Interest submissions being chosen to proceed to the final stage for tendering. Successful applicants in the initial stage will receive a grant of $2500.

These permanent public art installations are envisioned to enhance and enliven the landscape and its surroundings, bridging the visual and historical aspects of the Skeleton Creek Aqueduct. The first commission in the West zone is centred on designing a response that celebrates the First Nations’ rich history of storytelling and their deep connection to the land.

Expressions of interest are currently being accepted and will remain open until October 27, 2023.

For further details, please visit www.publicartcommission.com/news-item/greening-the-pipeline-eoi.

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