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Transforming Werribee: Ison Road Overpass Project Soars to New Heights

Ison Road Overpass May 2024

The Ison Road Overpass project in Werribee has made substantial progress, linking Wyndham West to the Princes Freeway. Since December, teams have managed to place and consolidate approximately 15,300 truckloads of soil to create elevated embankments that now stand up to 8 metres high, forming the approaches to the overpass bridge. These embankments are now a notable feature flanking the Melbourne-Geelong railway line.

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In total, the construction has involved transporting 236,000 cubic metres of soil, the equivalent volume of 94 Olympic swimming pools. Additionally, the completion of the piling works has been a significant milestone, with over 1,000 steel-reinforced concrete piles installed to underpin the overpass.

The project has consistently employed around 60 people daily, covering various tasks. Together, they have amassed over 60,000 work hours since the start of construction in November.

Ison Road Overpass Piling work
Now-complete piling work underway.

Once finished, the four-lane Ison Road Overpass, which is designed to potentially expand to six lanes, will stretch across the Melbourne-Geelong railway line towards the Princes Freeway. This development is expected to alleviate traffic in central Werribee, enhance journey reliability, and provide better access to surrounding areas.

The overpass will also support active transportation with the inclusion of shared walking and cycling paths over the bridge and a cycling path beneath it.

Slated for completion by the end of 2025, the overpass is projected to support nearly 29,000 vehicles daily by 2036. The project is a joint venture, receiving a combined investment of $114 million from the Victorian and Australian governments.

Ison Road Project Team
Some of the project team in front of the new ramp embankments.

Major Road Projects Victoria and construction partner Decmil are at the helm of delivering this pivotal infrastructure. Major Road Projects Victoria Project Director Damian Van Dyke remarked, “With our earthworks and piling works on schedule, we’re making great strides in building the foundations for the road and bridge overpass.” He also noted, “Residents can look forward to better access to surrounding areas and minimised traffic in central Werribee as we continue working with construction partner Decmil to deliver this important project.”

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