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Truganina CFA Mourns the Loss of Valued Member David Pilbeam

David Pilbeam

Image: Truganina CFA


Truganina CFA Remembers David Pilbeam: A Dedicated Member and Community Hero .

The Truganina CFA recently announced on their Facebook page the passing of one of their esteemed members, David Pilbeam, who died on Tuesday, June 11, shortly after 9 am. Dave had been battling brain cancer for the past two and a half years. Given his original prognosis of as little as six months, the extra two years he lived are a testament to his determination and the support he received from his family and healthcare team.

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According to the post, Dave was nearing his tenth year of service with the Brigade. Despite being hearing impaired, he remained an active operational member for much of his tenure. His turnout history is impressive, listing 669 calls, with his active service continuing right up until his cancer diagnosis. In addition to his operational duties, Dave dedicated significant time and effort to the Brigade’s Community Safety and Education initiatives. He was a constant presence at BBQs, Fire Safe Kids presentations, Open Days, and various other events. His involvement in the Community Safety team was invaluable, especially his ability to provide specific advice to other hearing-impaired individuals, enhancing the Brigade’s outreach efforts.

The Facebook post also highlighted that while Dave was highly valued in Community Safety, his true passion and exceptional contribution were in the Juniors program. As a Junior Leader, he was much loved and respected, setting an example of dedication and commitment. His impact on the Juniors program will be long remembered.

Dave was not only a cherished member of the Brigade but also a beloved figure in the broader community. His loss is deeply felt, and he will be greatly missed. The Truganina CFA extends its heartfelt condolences to his family—Jenny, Nathan, and Brad—and assures them of the Brigade’s support in the difficult times ahead.

David Pilbeam’s legacy of service, passion, and commitment will continue to inspire all who knew him.

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