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Truganina Hoon Arrested and Charged

Truganina Hoon

Police Charge Two Alleged Hoon Drivers and Seize Cars, 18 More Expected to Face Charges

Two alleged hoon drivers have been charged and had their cars seized by the police. Additionally, it is anticipated that 18 more individuals will face charges as part of ongoing efforts to disrupt hoon-driving activities.

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One of the accused is a 23-year-old man from Truganina who has been charged with various offences, including reckless conduct that endangered life and serious injury, driving in a dangerous manner, improper use of a motor vehicle, and driving a prohibited vehicle on a probationary license. He has been granted bail and is scheduled to appear at the Broadmeadows Magistrates’ Court on November 6th. The other individual is from Craigieburn.

Last week, authorities executed warrants following an alleged hoon gathering in Coolaroo the previous month. During this event, numerous cars had gathered to perform burnouts while spectators watched. Additionally, it is alleged that members of the group targeted police vehicles with laser pointers. As the cars dispersed, law enforcement units collected information to investigate the entire incident.

In a statement, North West Metro Region Achilles Taskforce Acting Senior Sergeant Sean Foley said, “We are absolutely committed to stamping out these events – the minute you cross the line and engage in hoon activity, you won’t be able to hide from police.”

Under Section 60 of the Road Safety Act, police have also issued notices to 18 other car owners. This section pertains to the responsibility of vehicle owners to provide information about the driver. Once this information is obtained, the 18 individuals identified as driving those vehicles on April 28th are expected to be charged and summoned accordingly.