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Truganina Residents Urged to Leave as Bushfire Takes Hold.

Fire in Truganina

Residents of Truganina and Williams Landing were warned to stay on high alert as a Watch and Act message had been issued for the area.

There was a bushfire that was travelling from Begg Avenue in a northeasterly direction and was not yet under control. Emergency services warned residents not to wait but to leave immediately, as conditions could worsen quickly.

The bushfire started just before 4.30pm and was deemed under control shortly after 5.00 pm with at least 19 vehicles still at the scene.

One resident, Tommy, said “It’s very scary what’s happening, the fire appears to be under control but there is still a lot of smoke.”

Residents were urged to monitor any changes to the situation, including increased wind speed, smoke or poor visibility, and to protect themselves and their families by leaving the area if the situation changed or they felt unsafe.

Those leaving were advised to take their pets, medications, mobile phone and charger. Emergency services reminded those affected that many people had died trying to leave at the last minute during fires.

Residents were advised to travel to the home of family or friends who were away from the warning area. Bushfires are extremely dangerous and could spread quickly, so residents in the area of Truganina, Williams Landing were warned to stay on high alert and act on the advice of emergency services.

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