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UNIFORM – A New Exhibition


This exciting exhibition explores and examines the concept of uniforms within different cultures, societies, communities, and stages of life. It explores how the uniform conforms, differentiates, and defines us.

Wyndham City’s Creative City portfolio holder Cr Marcel Mahfoud said: “Come down to the Wyndham Art Gallery and immerse yourself in UNIFORM. This fabulous exhibition will challenge you to explore and consider the human body in a different way.”

“This creative exhibition delves into our city’s rich cultural tapestry and highlights the varied and broad range of creative expression through clothing and adornment.”

UNIFORM analyses and considers the human body as architecture, a blank canvas so to speak, for creative interpretation and expression.

“The artworks on display explore how we use our bodies to express history, culture, and experience, through the use of clothing and adornments. It reflects the internal and external body, the landscape of the body, protection and defence of the body and the gendered body,” Cr Mahfoud said.

Uniforms are an identifying outfit or style of dress worn by the membership of a given profession, organisation or rank. Through this exhibition we consider the uniform within different cultures, societies, communities. The wearable that defines people.

The exhibition also looks at how body adornment and the uniform interact, represent and tell a story.

The Artists exhibiting in this exhibition are a mixture of professional and emerging artists: Abdul Abdullah, Maree Clarke, Gail Harradine, Lisa Hilli, Cassie Leatham, Jenna Lee, Claire McArdle, Tiffany Parbs, wāni toaishara, Simone Slee and Lisa Waup.

UNIFORM is co-curated by Wyndham Art Gallery curators Dr Megan Evans and Olivia Poloni.

The Opening Night on 24 March 2022 is open to the public and begins from 6.30pm to 8.30pm.

For more information visit: https://www.wyndham.vic.gov.au/uniform