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Uniting Wyndham Through Diversity: Another Approach to Inclusion


Wyndham City launches the Unite for Diversity initiative, aiming to bridge cultural gaps and combat racism through a series of engaging community events.

Wyndham City’s launch of the Unite for Diversity: Listen, Share, Understand initiative represents an ambitious attempt to foster mutual understanding, and trust, and address racism and discrimination within its community. Spanning April and May, the program offers an array of free events aimed at promoting cultural exchange and awareness. These events range from First Nations cultural exchanges and community meals to interfaith open days and a Youth Healing Workshop. Additionally, it includes Inclusion & Diversity Training workshops for local sports clubs to enhance cultural awareness and inclusivity, as well as workshops focused on the community impacts of racism and strategies for allyship and advocacy.


Mayor and Councillor, Jennie Barrera stated, “Wyndham is also home to a large and diverse First Nations population.” Despite the initiative’s broad scope, Barrera’s characterization of Wyndham’s First Nations population as “large” invites scrutiny, given that this group constitutes less than 2% of the city’s overall population. This detail underscores the complexity of addressing diversity and inclusion in a community where nearly half the population was born overseas and almost 50% speak a language other than English at home.

While the Unite for Diversity series is designed to dismantle barriers and cultivate a spirit of curiosity and kindness through shared stories and experiences, its long-term effectiveness in combating systemic racism and fostering lasting change remains a question. Similar initiatives elsewhere have shown mixed results. For example, diversity and inclusion efforts within some corporations and educational institutions have been criticized for failing to achieve meaningful, lasting change, often being labeled as superficial or insufficient to tackle the deeper, structural biases present.

These critiques highlight the challenges associated with such diversity programs. Without accompanying systemic changes and sustained efforts, these initiatives risk being perceived as performative. The success of the Unite for Diversity series, therefore, may not only depend on its immediate impact but also on how it integrates into broader strategies aimed at dismantling systemic and structural racism. This approach requires a commitment beyond short-term events to include ongoing education, policy changes, and community engagement to address the roots of discrimination and inequality effectively.

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