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Uniting Wyndham’s Operation Santa 2020

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Image: Point Cook Fire Brigade


After everything we’ve gone through this year, we all want Christmas to be extra special. But for many families, it will be so much tougher to be able to afford gifts.

Volunteer Program Coordinator Shelley Johnston said, “This year unfortunately we anticipate that our agency will need to assist even more Wyndham families than ever before. We want to be ready!”

The vestry room was used in previous operations but with COVID it is now impossible.


In previous years, the Operation Santa program has supplied brand new toys and gifts to families via an appointment system. The gifts were displayed in the church vestry for consumers to select from. The program was run with the support of volunteers (most of them over the age of 60).

Please note we need to purchase the vouchers sometime in November so we can make sure we get them out to our consumers well in advance of Christmas so they have time to purchase online or in store prior to Christmas.

This year, due to COVID-19, limited space available at their site is making social distancing impossible, and so many of the consumers are in the vulnerable group, Shelley Johnston said, “It just won’t be safe for us to run the program in the same way.”

“So….. we have made plans for a new style Operation Santa Wyndham for 2020. We hope you will consider supporting us.”

This year Uniting Wyndham will be assisting families with gift vouchers instead of toys.

Uniting Wyndham hope you, your group, school, workplace or family can support Operation Santa 2020 Wyndham and help  make sure there are gifts under every Christmas tree.