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Unlock the Potential of Tarneit: Invest in a Brighter Future!

Tarneit town centre

The Tarneit Major Town Centre will be a vibrant hub of economic prosperity, with beautifully designed green corridors, and the capacity to accommodate a centre for art, health, education, and quality retail and recreational opportunities, whilst celebrating the areas Indigenous and cultural heritage.

The framework will be a guide for the development of the area over the next 30 years, providing a capacity for 8,000 jobs and 10,000 residents.

It will divide the area of over 73 hectares into nine distinct areas, each with their own character and purpose. these include:


Highlights that it will include

Town Core

A high intensity retail and entertainment area that will include a town square, retail, restaurants, cinema and higher density housing in the longer term.

Civic North

Focus for indoor recreation, civic and public uses such as a major community centre.

Civic South

To include the potential for a Performing Arts complex, a park and potential for a major TAFE complex and a green gateway to the town centre from the Tarneit Train Station.


A vibrant precinct for a potential hospital, medical and allied health services and emergency services for the wider Wyndham community.

Business Park

Located closer to the Tarneit Train Station, the area will include multi-storey buildings of mixed use with an emphasis on business and residential uses.


Will provide a high quality interface with the creek, along which to locate art/sculptural elements that reference Aboriginal Cultural Heritage values, green corridors and pathways.

Creek Junction

Skeleton and Dry creeks will be enjoyed with bike paths connecting to residential areas, and open spaces that have play/active equipment.


Central park that links to the creeks and acts as a buffer to the town core and residential areas.

Transit villages

Mix of housing such as residential aged care, multi-storey apartments and town houses connecting to the future train station.

Wyndham City Councillor and City Design framework
Image: i2C Architects

Wyndham City Councillor and City Design portfolio holder Josh Gilligan said the framework celebrated the opportunities the future Tarneit Major Town Centre could offer.

The Framework will help to ensure the town centre meets the needs of the growing population in Tarneit, transforming the area from vacant to vibrant and guiding growth that will see Tarneit become bustling like Werribee, he said.

To get more information about the framework, two information sessions are being held one online and one in person. Questions can be emailed to tarneitudf@wyndham.vic.gov.au and feedback shared on the Loop by 20 March.

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