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Unveiling the Green Oasis: Concept Designs of Greening the Pipeline Project’s Zone 4

Greening the Pipeline - Concept Design

The Old Geelong Road entry into Skeleton Creek is part of the Zone 4 Greening the Pipeline proposed improvements.

Wyndham City is currently engaging in consultations regarding concept designs for Zone 4 of the Greening the Pipeline project, which seeks to develop parkland and community spaces in Melbourne’s expanding western region. Spanning 27 kilometres, this project intends to revitalize the heritage-listed Main Outfall Sewer reserve, transforming it into accessible parkland along the Federation Trail bike path.

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Mayor Cr Susan McIntyre of Wyndham City encouraged community feedback on proposed improvements to the 1.8-kilometre reserve, stretching from Skeleton Creek to Old Geelong Road in Hoppers Crossing. The enhancements aim to include an array of features such as trees, green spaces, native grasslands, a passive rain garden, an aqueduct deck, walking and cycling paths, a bicycle repair station, and seating.

Greening the Pipeline - Concept Design 1[57]
Aerial concept view. Click image for location.

Councillor Robert Szatkowski, the portfolio holder for Climate Futures and Environment at Wyndham City, highlighted the ongoing completion of the Arndell Park Stormwater Harvesting System and associated landscape works between Sayers Road and Skeleton Creek. These developments will offer a community garden, upgraded Federation Trail, extensive tree planting, and a stone boulder amphitheatre, providing greater opportunities for outdoor enjoyment.

Werribee South Beach is also getting an upgrade.

The Greening the Pipeline project is a collaborative effort involving Wyndham City, Melbourne Water, Greater Western Water, the Department of Energy, Environment, and Climate Action, the Department of Transport, Traditional Owners, and support from Greening the West.

To review the concept designs for Zone 4 of the Greening the Pipeline project and provide feedback, please visit the Council’s online engagement portal by Thursday, July 13th.

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