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Victoria Launches Generous Grants for LGBTIQA+ Organisational Development Amid Debate

LGBTQIA grants

The Allan Labor Government has launched a call to action for organisations and groups supporting Victoria’s LGBTIQA+ communities to step forward and claim their share of government grants aimed at bolstering their impact and outreach. This move, heralded by Equality Minister Harriet Shing, throws open the doors for applications to the LGBTIQA+ Organisational Development Grants until the end of April.

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Initiated in 2016, this grants program is the government’s tool for empowering organisations and groups to amplify their support for a wide array of identities within the LGBTIQA+ community, spanning lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and gender diverse, intersex, queer, and asexual individuals. The program earmarks funds for a variety of initiatives, including but not limited to, training and mentoring, expansion into the less serviced regional Victoria, and forward-planning for the organisations’ longevity.

Grants up to $40,000 are available for the more established entities, while up to $20,000 is allocated for the emerging or less experienced ones. A keen eye is being kept for applications from groups aiming to widen their embrace to include the more diverse and underrepresented segments of the LGBTIQA+ population, particularly those in the state’s rural and regional precincts. This approach is a cornerstone of the government’s larger ambition to engrain equality across Victoria, dovetailing with the strategic “Pride in our Future: Victoria’s LGBTIQA+ strategy 2022-32.”

In 2023, notable recipients included the Australian GLBTIQ Multicultural Council, which secured a grant for consultancy in organisational development, thereby enhancing its support mechanisms for LGBTIQA+ individuals intersecting with multicultural and faith communities. Similarly, the Gippsland Pride Initiative was funded to beef up its infrastructure, aiming to uplift its advocacy and support for LGBTIQA+ folk in Gippsland.

To date, over 100 LGBTIQA+ organisations have seen their capabilities and expertise elevated through this funding initiative. For more details on applying, potential applicants are directed to the Victorian government’s official website.

Minister Shing has been vocal in underscoring the grants’ role in fostering secure, inclusive, and well-supported LGBTIQA+ communities across Victoria, declaring an unwavering stance on equality. She has put out a rallying call to all qualifying organisations to come forward, painting these grants as pivotal to addressing the social and economic inclusion of LGBTIQA+ communities statewide.

However, this generous outpouring of government funds towards LGBTIQA+ organisations has stirred the pot among critics who question the prioritisation of resources. They argue whether this allocation is the most efficient use of taxpayer money, especially in light of other pressing societal needs. Skeptics also probe the depth of these grants’ reach, querying if they genuinely manage to support the most marginalized within the LGBTIQA+ community, or merely pad the pockets of already well-established groups. This contention lays bare the ongoing debate about the balance between targeted support for specific communities and the broader allocation of public resources.

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