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Victoria Police Roll Out New-Look Divvy Vans

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Victoria Police’s new fleet of divisional vans will be on the streets from this month, with 280 vehicles to be rolled out for operational use across the state.

The new-look divisional van is based on the Ford Ranger vehicle, with the manufacturer endorsing a custom-made custody compartment – also known as rear pods – to be fitted on the back of the van.

The first batch of the purpose-built divisional vans will be on the road in both metro and country stations from late May, replacing the current model which has been a first responder vehicle for frontline officers since 2018.

Several improvements have been made to the fit-out of the vehicles to ensure the new fleet remained as safe a and practical as possible.

The vehicles have also undergone rigorous performance testing to ensure they meet operational and safety needs.

Additional features of the new divisional van fleet include a more refined and integrated fitment for police equipment, driver impairment monitor, constant video display in the rear-view mirror, and integrated controls in the dashboard for improved accessibility.