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Victorian E-Scooter Trial Extended for 6 Months, Private E-Scooters Added

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Today, Victorian Roads and Road Safety Minister Melissa Horne announced the extension of the escooter trial across the state for the next six months, with the addition of private escooters.

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 The trial has already seen over 3.7 million short trips taken on escooters in Melbourne, as well as 200,000 in Ballarat.

The purpose of the trial is to reduce congestion and carbon emissions in the form of short trips, such as leisure and social outings, commuting, and trips to cafes.

Already, the trial has resulted in approximately 400 tonnes of carbon being avoided. For the trial extension, strict conditions are to be followed to ensure the safety of riders, drivers, and road users.

These conditions include the use of helmets, and riders must be at least 16 years old and adhere to the same BAC and drug use restrictions as drivers. Consumption of alcohol and carrying of passengers are also not allowed. Escooters can only be used on roads with a speed limit of 60km/h or less, in bicycle lanes, on bicycle paths, and on separated and shared paths, but not on footpaths. Devices capable of travelling faster than 25km/h are still illegal.

Escooter share schemes can be approved by local councils, such as in the City of Wyndham, and those already existing in Ballarat, Yarra, Port Philip, and Melbourne will continue.

The trial extension will begin on 5 April.

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