VIDEO: Coles Workers Stop as Safety Fears Grow.

Some staff at Coles are refusing to work until demands on safer work practices are met by the supermarket giant.

Organisers of the Laverton stop work meeting were scheduled to meet with managers at 3pm today to discuss safety concerns and paid leave but have opted to call the meeting forward as a matter of priority.

The workers are asking for masks, personal sanitisers, thermometer gauges and special paid leave. Some members are from other countries and are not eligible for government payments.

The group of workers, which met early this morning have decided to wait outside until the meeting with managers takes place.

A spokesperson in one of the videos sent to Wyndham TV said “this is going to get worse and it won’t just be Laverton it will be Parkinson, Smeaton Grange, Eastern Creek, Forest Lakes, that’s the risk if Coles don’t step up.”

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