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VIDEO: Cr. Barlow Releases Statement as to Why he Stood Down.

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It is with great sadness that I am announcing that I will not be standing for the up-coming 2020 Wyndham Council elections. I want to thank all the residents from the Chaffey Ward for the last four years, where you have shown me kindness and respect. I want to also thank the broader Wyndham community because in the five terms I have been on council I have not just concentrated on serving just the Chaffey Ward but all of Wyndham when you have asked for my assistance or the invites to attend numerous events and functions.


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I want to thank the community representatives on the Cultural Diversity portfolio who have put four years into representing their community on the many issues we have worked on for the betterment of our whole municipality. Also, the residents of the Wyndham Reconciliation Advisory Committee for the great work you have all put in. A special thanks to the staff who worked with me on all of the committees and thanks to the entire staff of the Wyndham City Council. You all make the councillors look better than we are. It is your hard work, patience, guidance, professionalism and advice that allows this council to reach the high standards we all enjoy.

To my long-time colleague, past councillor and mayor Kim McAliney who never got the words said publicly when she left before her time; for reasons that the public will never know due to her professionalism. So, I will say them. Professional, hardworking, passionate, loyal, a great sense of community spirit and determination. A goodbye to Tony Hooper who is retiring, well done on the four years and enjoy more time with your family. Peter Maynard, I was your campaign manager in 2012, I can truthfully say the best move I ever made. Your work ethic cannot be faulted. If you do not get elected for Iramoo it is the community’s loss.

What I will not miss is the ego’s, the networkers, the wannabe politicians, the councillors who do not understand conflict of interest or planning (many tens of thousands of dollars spent going to VCAT for us to defend overturned officer recommendations and losing), the useless notice of motions that were used to create personal profile especially this year; the worst I have seen in five terms.

In fact, so we do not have to go through the same shameful investigation as the 2016 elections concerning dummy candidates and non-genuine running mates; I believe we should have a monitor from the Local Government Inspectorate working with councils administration during the election campaign and also during the induction training after the election; to ensure all councillors old and new have a clear understanding of their responsibilities.

Overall, I feel privileged to represent the people of Wyndham. Personalities and my views should not take away from the good work being done by the organisation. Hopefully they will get the councillors they deserve.