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VIDEO: Government Developed App to Monitor Movement.

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The  Australian Government is attempting to go hi-tech in its fight against the coronavirus by developing an app that monitors movements to assist in tracing those that have come in contact with an infected person, even if you don’t know them, according to a recent ABC News report.

The idea has been promoted in Singapore and will only work effectively if the majority of the population download the app and activate it.

The TraceTogether app used in Singapore works by swapping anonymised ID’s (or tracer data) when you are close to another phone that has the app installed and then storing those ID’s  in an encrypted form only on your phone.

If a person has the app installed and is tested positive with coronavirus they will then be asked to provide ‘tracer’ data from their phone in order to contact those that would be considered at high risk of infection. 

Chief Medical Officer Brendan Murphy has also indicated the app was in advanced development.

“We’re very keen to use it and use it perhaps even more extensively than Singapore,” Dr Murphy said.

“Obviously there’s a conversation to be had with the community on the acceptability of it.

VIDEO: How it all works.