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VIDEO: Heavily Armed Police Storm Truganina Home.

Siege Truganina1

A military style operation was conducted at a house on Dromana Way in Truganina yesterday (6th Dec) sometime before 11am as part of an active investigation.

Watch the video and arrests below:

Residents in the area were puzzled by the large police operation that included the ‘Bearcat’ which is a vehicle that is bullet and blast resistant and is used for sieges, armed stand-offs and in dealing with dangerous criminals.

Victoria police advised that there was no immediate risk to community safety.

The Victoria Police Special Operations Group used a loudspeaker system to communicate with the occupants of the house giving them instructions to surrender.

At approximately 11.30am, four of the special operations group approached the house and appeared to break down the front door.

The group then retreated and one male that was inside the house came out with his hands up. He was asked to lay face down on the ground where he was quickly handcuffed and led to detectives.

Shortly after, a second man came out with his hands up and was also arrested at the scene.

A police spokesperson advised Wyndham TV that further information will be provided once operationally appropriate to do so.