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VIDEO: Road Rage Incident Leaves Man with Life-Threatening Injuries .

Stabbing Altona Nth

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding a road rage incident that left a man with life-threatening injuries in Altona Meadows on 2 November. 

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Emergency services were called to the incident just before  2.30pm this afternoon to reports of an injured male.
Several people were seen assisting a man lying on the road who appeared to be bleeding.
It appears as though there was a perpetrator who left the scene heading down Point Cook Road towards the freeway according to a witness at the scene.
One other witness said they saw a man throw something across the road as a car was coming the other way. The car then stopped , a male ran out and either punched, or kicked the male who threw something.
The male from the car dropped to the ground and the other male ran back to his car and sped off down Point Cook Road.
An Ambulance Victoria spokesperson has advised that the injured male was taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital.
Police are currently on scene and the investigation remains ongoing.